As of 1st July 2016 the amendment to Regulation 2 of the SOLAS Chapter VI has come into force ensuring mandatory weighing of all packed containers before they are loaded on board vessels. Fines and penalties (such as re-packing costs, administration fees, demurrage charges etc.) for non-compliance will be imposed under individual contracting states’ national legislation. Some ship managers fear that they might be forced to absorb associated costs to VGM non-compliance (such as re-packing, re-weighing and storing etc.) to avoid further delays. There are concerns as to the successful implementation of this SOLAS amendment, such as whether some shippers and/or freight forwarders around the globe have been made aware of these mandatory new requirements. Some states have offered a practical and pragmatic approach not to impose fines until the 1st of October 2016. In the meantime, it is noted that due to unknown or undeclared container weights a number of serious accidents involving vessels' stability have already taken place. More information can be found on the World Shipping Council’s website: